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The Story of Archie is Real

The story of Archie is real, the story of a cute, friendly, and fiercely loyal kitty. Our vision for Archie is to generate wealth for a decentralized community in a safe and secure environment, leveraging Defi protocols and to impact the globe for good, thereby cherishing the memory of our beloved Archie.


  • Liquidity USDT
  • KYC
  • Audited
  • Liquidity Locked
  • Devs Wallet Locked
  • Exchanges Listings
  • Many Utilities
  • 10 Billion Max Supply


In addition to the $WARC coin, ArchieChain introduces a native cryptocurrency - ArcCoin($ARC). This community-focused token serves as a primary governance token for the ArchieChain blockchain and comes with various use cases. It's worth noting that the entirety of the $ARC coins supply will be pre-mined upon the release of the main net. $ARC is used for fueling transactions, smart contracts, and dApps.

ArcCoin Design

  • Lock
    Users can lock their ArcCoin($ARC) on the cross-chain protocol to receive $WARC on the ArchieChain blockchain.
  • Destroy
    Users can destroy $WARC and reclaim their native ArcCoin($ARC).
  • Deploy
    Users can use $WARC to deploy and interact with smart contracts, pay transaction fees, and participate in the governance of ArchieChain

Benefits of Using ArcCoin


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

Description PCT% Number of Tokens
TOTAL 100% 10,000,000,000
Liquidity 17% 1,700,000,000
Pre-Sale 35% 3,500,000,000
Developer 10% 1,000,000,000
Marketing 20% 2,000,000,000
Team 5% 500,000,000
Staking 10% 1,000,000,000
Archie Foundation 3% 300,000,000

ArchieChain (ARC) Staking/Validator

The ArchieChain project will enable users to earn yields:

Staking $ARC coins on the ArchieChain blockchain will allow stakeholders to secure the native blockchain and receive $ARC rewards from transaction fees.

There is a more in-depth guide on Github. If you have questions, contact us on social media.

ArchieChain Staking dApp System

The ArcCoin($ARC) or WarcCoin ($WARC) on Archie Chain (ARC) project will enable users to earn yields:

Staking $ARC/$WARC coins on the ARC Staking dApp will allow stakeholders to receive $ARC as yield.

  • No Staking Fees
  • Our own Safe dApp
  • Near-Zero Gas Fees
  • Generous APY (TBA)

Archie Road Map

Phase 1

  • KYC - Completed
  • Audit - Completed
  • Pre Sale (BSC and Archie Chain) - WL (Early Access) started 
  • ARC Launched
  • ArchieScan
  • ArchieSwap V1
  • $WARC Trading on ARC
  • Launch Liquidity Pool on Multi-Chain
  • Release of Everest P2E Gaming Centre

  • ArchieSwap V2 Multi-Chain
  • Token / Staking Pools on Ethereum / Tron / Avalanche / Polygon / Binance Integration
  • Listing on Coingecko / CMC
  • Release of Royal Archie P2E Gaming Centre in 2D

Phase 2

Phase 3

  • Make ArchieSwap a Cross-chain protocol with bridging function between different blockchains
  • ArchieWallet 3 FA
  • ArchiePlace (NFT Market Place) V1
  • Phase 1 ArchieMeta
  • CEX Exchange Listing

  • Phase 2 of ArchieMeta
  • CEX Exchange Listing

Phase 4

Phase 5

  • Phase 3 of ArchieMeta
  • Archie Place (V2 MultiChain)
  • CEX Exchange Listing

  • ArchieMeta Phase 4
  • Phase 1 of e-Commerce

Phase 6


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The entirety of the $ARC coins s......

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Users can lock their ArcCoin($ARC) on the cross-chain protocol to  receive $WARC on the Arch......

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